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Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly sits in the northeast corner of Arizona close to the New Mexico border. Access from main interstates is easiest through Gallop New Mexico. The Canyon is a National Monument and part of the National Park Service, but it is on Navajo Reservation land. The partnership has the National Park service caring for the park and the Navajo people acting as guides for the canyon. No permit is required for driving the rim road and taking in the canyon views. However, if you want to experience the canyon by driving or hiking down into it, you must go with an authorized guide. At first this might seem restrictive, but the reality is that the guides are all Navajo and have lived in the canyon, or nearby all their lives. A guide that is a grandmother and can outwalk most visitors and can tell you stories of when she was a little girl and her grandfather told her legends of the rock formations, and the petroglyphs. It’s a cultural as well as a geological experience and one that shouldn’t be missed.