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SCUBA Diving Hawaii

This underwater video is a compilation of a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in December, 2016. It features white tip sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, octopi, large schools of fish, eels, and other amazing sea creatures.

The two white tip sharks in the video were in a small cave in only about 15 feet of water. It appears that one of the sharks, the one closest to the camera, is pregnant.

Manta rays are actually plentiful in Hawaii. There are many boats that run manta ray night snorkeling trips, or diving trips. This video shows manta rays both in the daytime and at night and all video was shot while shore diving. The Sheraton in Keauhou Bay is the gathering spot for the manta rays at night. Because of the lights on shore, and the additional lights from the tourist boats, the manta rays are attracted to the area to feed. The videos of the manta rays in the daytime show the mantas with their mouths closed and the hooks around their mouths curled. The night video of mantas shows them feeding. The small specks in the water are the krill and other small organisms that the manta rays eat.

Sea turtles are one of the most common large animals that are seen by snorkelers and SCUBA divers in Hawaii. They are plentiful and there are several different species of turtles with healthy populations.

Another underwater treat are the octopi. The diurnal octopus is not that rare in Hawaii. The pair of octopi shown in the video appear to be at odds and the larger one is likely eating the smaller octopus.

There are many varieties of fish in Hawaii, some are very colorful and some are awe inspiring just because of the large schools. Like the sea turtles, many fish congregate in the shallows where the sun reaches the reef.

The final shot of an eel in the video shows it eating a yellow tang at night. Some species of eels are most active in the daytime, and others are more active at night.

Although Hawaii isn’t usually considered a major SCUBA diving destination, the diving is very good. Water temperatures in December are in the 70s, and visibility can reach over 100 feet.

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This underwater video was taken with a GoPro (https://gopro.com) Hero 4 Black and dual Light and Motion Sola 2000 video lights. The camera is mounted to an Ikelite steady tray, and Ultralight Arms are used to attach the lights to the tray. For the video taken during the day, the Backscatter Flip 4 Dive filter was used. The GoPro was set to 1440 with 60 FPS. The music added during editing is from www.bensound.com.